Yard truck trailer swapper Driver Safety 5th wheel King Pin Camera single axle

Yard truck trailer swapper Driver Safety 5th wheel King Pin Camera single axle

Yard truck trailer switcher Driver Safety 5th wheel King Pin Camera Driver Live View 5th Wheel Camera Display image showing; Yard truck trailer swapper Driver Safety 5th wheel King Pin Camera single axle

Lack of proper training in the mechanics of the process as well as human nature and the downsides thereof, such as; oversight, lack of concentration, failure to physically check and verify the condition of the trailer, the King Pin and locking jaws can contribute to hazardous conditions resulting in employee injury or accidents damaging company property when the 5th Wheel lockup experiences catastrophic failure.

This is where a driver live view video can provide real time visual confirmation the 5th Wheel King Pin locking jaws are either fully engaged in the proper manor, or they are not, when an accident can be prevented, before it happens.

Real Time Yard Trailer Switcher Driver verification of:

King Pin properly seated in 5th Wheel

5th Wheel King Pin engagement

5th Wheel locking jaws engaged and secure

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