Vehicle Video Camera In-Vehicle Mobile Video Camera Surveillance Systems


In-vehicle cameras systems or mobile onboard vehicle video recorder solutions provided by Vehicle Video Cameras are offered in different configurations to server various customer requirements of a digital video event data recorder in their fleet vehicles, be they car, van, truck or heavy duty commercial applications like transit bus and semi truck tractor trailer.

Vehicle Video Cameras systems offered:

SD4HD Low Cost Mobile Vehicle Camera Surveillance System 

SD4HW Low Cost GPS & Wi-Fi Vehicle Camera Surveillance

SD4HC  Video Streaming 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi Vehicle Camera Surveillance

SD4mX Basic Taxi & Limo Onboard Camera Systems 

Rear Vision & Compartment Monitoring Cameras

      School Bus Safety       School Bus Camera       American Bus Video       Digital Bus Cameras        Fleet Driver Risk Management 
  School Bus Surveillance System
     Paratransit Surveillance System    Transit Bus Surveillance System      Armored Car Surveillance   

  Taxi Video Surveillance System    Limousine Surveillance System      Special Needs Student Transit       Non-Emergency Medical Transport

    Waste Collection Cameras
    Pupil Transit Security Camera Systems    Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation   

  Alternative School & Juvenile Detention Transportation         
Prisoner Inmate Transportation Cameras      Forklift Safety Camera

   Transportation Ministry Church Youth Group Activities     
  Rear Vision Backup Camera, Side View  Cameras 

  School Bus Bully Prevention           High Definition Megapixel Vehicle Camera Solution     Eco Safety Active Driver Training Device     

   Stop Arm Violation Camera systems     Full High Definition 1080p SDI Cameras & Cables    "CS1 Spotter” 5th Wheel King Pin Camera     

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