Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Surveillance 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Surveillance 

"Active" Non-Emergency Medical Transport Video System 

Live View Non-Emergency Medical Transport Surveillance System 

"Active" Non-Emergency Medical Transport Video System 

This is the 3-Axis Accelerometer version of conventional mobile video solution of a non-Emergency Medical Transport system. Similar in many ways with a "Passive" Transit camera system with the exception of the camera type and Dangerous Driving Behavior features. Due to the additional oversight that may be required for use of Federal or State funding, this system provides the ability to help insure the transport is operated in a safe manor, with all dangerous inertia forces documented for later review.

The PD high resolution cameras (1-4) are separated from the mobile DVR and can be positioned where needed to provide a much better vehicle camera coverage. The 100% solid State mobile DVR is secured in a steel locking enclosure, to protect the SD memory card from driver tampering and criminal assaults. Optional DVR Vaults are available with heavy 14 gauge steel to completely enclose the DVR and all connections from driver access or criminal assault. This version provides high resolution images and long record memory storage on Twin 64 GB SDXC 100% solid state cards  for 30-400 hours of video recording storage depending on the number of cameras and settings. 


  • Conventional mobile video vehicle camera system
  • Accelerometer to document Dangerous Driving Behaviors
  • DVR Vault optional 
  • 4-Channels support 4 high resolution cameras
  • 4-channels of Audio
  • Wi-Fi support (option)


  • Not Live View

SD4mX  Driver Safety Series Mobile Video Systems 128 Gb Capacity  
3-Axis Accelerometer, Driver Event Capable, Crash & I/O Triggers  System can document dangerous driving behaviors and Eco Driving violations, crash analysis data from inertia sensors. ( Pricing dependent on quantity & terms)

SD4mX-1.....1 Camera Paratransit Camera System ..............................…$600 - $800
.....2 Camera Paratransit Camera System …………………………$675 - $875
SD4mX-3.....3 Camera Paratransit Surveillance System ........................….$750 - $950
SD4mX-4.....4 Camera Paratransit Surveillance System ........................….$825 - $1,025

SD4mXG GPS Version Driver Safety Series  Mobile Video Systems 
3-Axis Accelerometer, Driver Event Capable, Crash & I/O Triggers  System can document dangerous driving behaviors and Eco Driving violations, crash analysis data from inertia sensors. ( Pricing dependent on quantity & terms)

SD4mXG-1.....1 Camera Paratransit Camera System …………………………$670 - $870
.....2 Camera w/GPS speed Paratransit Camera System .............$745 - $945
.....3 Camera  w/GPS speed Paratransit Surveillance System .....$820 - $1,020
SD4mXG-4.....4 Camera w/GPS speed Paratransit Surveillance System ……$895 - $1,095

Live View Non-Emergency Medical Transport Surveillance System 

This is the Professional Series Live View Vehicle Camera System / Real Time Transit Surveillance 
that can offer 3G/4G Cellular Live Feed Video Streaming, for Real Time non-Emergency Medical Transport observation 

Safety of Paratransit Passengers

Particular concern is the perceived and realized safety of the passengers, who in many cases may be elderly or disabled.

It is important to be able to document professional service and care provided these passengers when in the care of the transit company. Claims or impropriety and abuse can be perceived by some who may have diminished faculties due to age, illness or medication and often the difference between a perception of abuse can be cleared up by reviewing a video file of the incident from a non biased expert witness, the mobile video DVR installed in the vehicle to insure the care provided the passengers upholds the high standards set by the transporter.

When a driver in the field encounters something unusual with a passenger or when responding to an incident, they may overlook an important element in the scenario that can often lead to potential problems later on. Having an extra set of eyes on the situation as seen through your vehicle video camera, can often provide an additional level of safety for the driver in the field.

“Active Mobile Video”  for Live View non-Emergency Medical Transport System 

  • Provide active visual support to verify what drivers are doing in the vehicles.
  • Provide CMS operator ability to immediate request medical or police backup when the situation warrants it w/o driver contact.
  • Help eliminate the possibility that a driver or passengers survive an accident, then die as a result of their injuries, if immediate medical attention can be dispatched to save their lives.
  • To provide CMS operator the ability to request medical assistance for a driver when the driver is incapacitated.
  • To enable the driver to silently signal for HELP, or request assistance in a medical emergency with a passenger.
  • To enable CMS operator to supervise activities that may often require a second set of eyes 

With the superior control provided by this system the CMS Operator or supervisor can be aware in cases of stolen vehicle, or drivers taken hostage they will then be able to immediately alert law enforcement while there is still time to save the lives of any hostages. The SD4mXC provides a added level of management oversight in real time with active alerts and live video oversight to PC or Smart phone.

Active 3G/4G Cellular solutions include; Live View Taxi Camera system, Real Time Vehicle Surveillance system or Live View Limousine camera systems for the private transportation markets. In the public markets Live View Pupil Transit systems can also provide important oversight to increase child safety with live view Paratransit camera systems also helping insure proper transport of those requiring assistance. 

Medical Transport Camera System for Live View 3G/4G Video Streaming 
Solid State DVR, 1 metal Night Vision school bus video camera, cables, mounts, power & A/V/P Cable adapter, I/O Triggers Display & Alarm, locking steel security case,  Client Software for 3G/4G cellular Live Video Streaming for hosted or self hosted CMS server, w/customer supplied SIM card service & ISP Data plan. ( Pricing dependent on quantity & terms)

SD4mXC-1....1-Camera Medical Transport Live View 3G Vehicle Camera $700 - $900*
SD4mXC-2....2-Camera Medical Transport Live View 3G Vehicle Camera  $775 - $975*
SD4mXC-3....3-Camera Medical Transport Live View Vehicle Surveillance  $850 - $1,050*
SD4mXC-4....4-Camera Medical Transport Live View Vehicle Surveillance  $925 - $1,125*

32 GB SDHC Class 10 memory storage card......................................$40
64 GB SDXC Class 10 memory storage card.................................……$80
128 GB SDXC Class 10 memory storage card.....................................$200
GPS Module for Cellular based Live  Vehicle Tracking……………….….$70

*All cellular based features of all 3G/4G Cellular based products offered by ABV,  require a customer supplied SIM card, customer sourced ISP Data plan and Professional CMS Server Hosting. 

Photo Gallery of 3G/4G Live View Cellular CMS Server Screenshots

*All cellular based features of all 3G/4G Cellular based products offered by ABV,  require a customer supplied SIM card, customer sourced ISP Data plan, as well as customer Network Systems Administrator for CMS Server setup see "NETWORK SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR” in Terms of Use for more information.