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Notice Regarding "Managed" Internet Service Provider & Free E-mail Server Customers

Please note if you area customer of a "Managed" Internet Service Provider  such as America Online (AOL) you may be unable to receive a response e-mail from anyone not specifically listed in your account setting or preferences e-mail list. Should you not receive an E-mail response from ABV in a timely period,  it is likely  because your "Managed" Internet Service Provider has blocked that response. 

Use of free e-mail services (like hotmail, gmail, yahoo) is not acceptable for detailed quotes, discounted or Reseller Pricing, as they may violate privacy of the e-mail contents and either sell or can leak propriety information to third parties so there can be no expectation of privacy within their e-mail server networks.
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Should you call during business hours, when representatives are unavailable,
Please leave a brief message with your number and mention:

"Free Shipping"  
For Free Shipping of all product purchased on your first order.
Messages will be responded to within 5 minutes during business hours.

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